History and Background

Bangladeshi pharmaceutical scientists in North America have been contributing in the field of pharmaceutical science and technology for decades. Over this period, they have successfully proven that their knowledge, experience, and expertise can significantly contribute towards pharmaceutical research and development. It is our duty to share the diverse experience and knowledge with our peers. It is also important to increase the visibility of Bangladeshi pharmaceutical scientists and effectively deliver a professional voice at various organizations. The AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BANGLADESHI PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENTISTS (AABPS) was formed by a group of pharmaceutical scientists of Bangladeshi descent attending the 1997 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientist (AAPS) Annual Meeting in Boston. At the 2006 AAPS Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, there was an overwhelming enthusiasm to expand the activity of AABPS. A Core Working Group was nominated to work cohesively to gather membership and coordinate all the organization’s activities. The Core Working Group was successful in officially registering AABPS in the State of Virginia and creating an official web portal for the organization. In addition, the membership has now expanded to more than 100 members.

AABPS is a not-for-profit, voluntary education association that has been granted tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).


The mission of AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BANGLADESHI PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENTISTS (AABPS) is to provide a forum for communication, discussion, exchange of ideas and cooperation primarily among Bangladeshi pharmaceutical scientists and professionals employed in academia, industry, government and other institutions worldwide.